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Using the ASP.NET session state provider is fine but it has quite a few issues. The main ones are the session locks and the fact that we have to run an aspx page first to create the session before going to asp pages.
The thing is that all entry points for my applications are in asp, and so it would be quite challenging to rewrite that in one go, thus I would like NSession is work when the classic asp page is first hit.

Anyway, in the end I think I will use RedisSessionStateProvider ( for quite a few reasons.
So I'm trying to find out what's required to make the RedisSessionStateProvider work with NSession.
I believe it's working a bit like the SQL session state provider so hopefully it's not too hard to put that in.
Is it just the SessionStateClient.cs to change for that to work ?

Any help will be appreciated.



dotneteer wrote Oct 30, 2015 at 5:53 AM

Yes, you can just change SessionStateClient.cs to make it work. No need to change the c++ code.

Regarding the aspx page first problem, can you redirect to a aspx page if the session cookie does not exist and then redirect back just to establish the session?