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Quick diagnostic page

To do a quick diagnostic, copy the diagnostic page into your website and access it from a web browser.

Diagnostic check list

If you run into issues, here is a check list:
  1. Is the state service started? If you project configured to use StateServer in your web config file?
  2. Go through the installation steps. Make sure you registered the COM component with the correct bitness. Is your AppPool running the correct bitness?
  3. Did you add the required code to the Session_Start event of the application? Are you accessing an pages first? The session needs to start first to ensure that the environment.
  4. Checked if the managed COM object is working correctly. Visit TestManaged.asp in the sample project and see if you get any error message.
  5. Does your ASP thread has sufficient privilege to access the files where NSession is located? The following configuration worked for me:
    1. Authentication = Anonymous access. Changed the Anonymous user identity from IUSR to Application pool identity (same as my application pool)
    2. Application Pool: Running with ApplicationPoolIdentity.
    3. Grant IIS AppPool\DefaultAppPool Read and Execute access to the NSession directory. See this article for more details.

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